FARO Laser Scanner Streamlines BIM Workflow

Overhead Point Cloud of Iroquois High School

Wm. T. Spaeder Company used the FARO laser scanner to create point clouds which can be used for reference in the BIM modeling process. Laser scanning provides near perfect measurements and takes the guess work out of modeling.

Holiday Inn Plumbing Project

construction worker in color walking through black and white job site

Plumbing foreman, Josh Estes, speaks about the work we are doing at the new Holiday Inn on Peach Street in Erie.

Citizen’s Bank Renovation: Mechanical Design-Build Process

Two pictures divided by white line - architectural model and crane lifting HVAC unit

In the video, we discuss a little about the design-build process for a third-floor office space renovation at Citizen’s Bank in Erie, PA. We were contracted to complete the HVAC and Fire Protection.

Project Showcase: Hospital Plumbing Part II

Man in high viz hoodie walking through construction site

In Part II of this project showcase, we continue to follow foreman Eric Bowman as we move through the construction process of a large hospital project in Erie, PA.

Project Showcase: Hospital Plumbing Part I

Man in hard hat standing in front of construction site

We’re proud to be trusted to do the mechanical contracting for a number of large hospital projects. In this video, foreman Eric Bowman highlights some of what we are doing for a project in Erie, PA as we lay the groundwork during the initial stages of construction.

Skid Design & Pre-Fabrication for Georgia Power Plant

Skid Design & Pre-Fabrication for Georgia Power Plant Blog Image by Wm. T. Spaeder

In late 2018, Wm.T. Spaeder was contracted by a water treatment design firm to design and fabricate thirteen (13) unique equipment skids for a large power plant in Georgia. This power plant was in the process of decommissioning their settling ponds and replacing them with a new wastewater treatment system to treat flue gas desulfurization (FGD) waste as mandated by new EPA regulations and these skids will become part of that complex treatment process.


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